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  • Easy Non-Toxic Acne Remedies
  • Here are a couple of non-toxic, relatively inexpensive acne remedies to try:
  • Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to affected areas at bedtime; let stand overnight; repeat every night for a week.
  • With a cotton ball, apply a few drops of tea tree essential oil to affected areas.
  • These ideas probably work best on mild acne situations, mostly on the face and chest.
  • Mary
  • Wards Off Vampires, Too!
  • Simply rub fresh cut garlic on the affected area and it dries up almost overnight. The smell is powerful so it is best to use it just before going to bed. I know it sounds crazy but look in almost any herb book and you will find out it is highly recommended for getting rid of acne.
  • J.Z. in Wisconsin
  • My Son's Acne Solution
  • We have found that a mixture of olive oil & salt works very well. Make a paste, and wash with it. Use this daily at first, then maintain with 2 or 3 times weekly. My 13 year son swears by it. I know, you think 'oil', but try it, it does work.
  • MF



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