Antiquing And Gnudi ...


I never thought I would start off a post this way but here I am
I am lacking lyrical inspiration today.
There. I said it (insert thoughts in head here going you really think you should be saying this? I mean you write, i
Antiquing and Gnudi were the tasks on hand the last few rainy (what else) days.
Confession I have a slight obsession with ancient English farm tableware. And mature miniature curvy glass containers. With bub
The perfect storm of gray somber rainy days, said obsession and the unfair (or quite fair, depending on the day) proximity of my
Little bundles...
Beautiful, thick, crackly, curvy, soap bowl century...
Teeny, tiny, curvy, cream china ...
The coolest spoon ever ...
A really unique old English farm soup bowl who's exquisiteness I just could not capture on film not matt
Teeny, tiny curvy glass wear spoon for scale ...
Now, the Gnudi. Gnudi, literally" nude" are (are you ready for this?) raviolis without their It seems I found some words.
Time to dish.
Gorgeous darling dish of spring Gnudi
Gnudi ...what more can I say ...
Here is what you need
1 gram Ricotta- 400 of the that was freshly made from your nearest Italian store (or old lady) .
Feta- just enough to taste and creamy and Bulgarian of course
3 bunchs Spinach-, preferably dirty from the ground.
1 whole Eggs- and 2 yolks (remember, happy hens please) .
1 tablespoon Parmesan- curvy (finely grated) for the recipe and tons for you . (shaved)
1/4 cup of flour plus a little extra for dusting.
Butter- lots, of course.
Sage and Basil- from your garden?
Here is what to do
Make sure your ricotta is dry by placing it over a bowl, in a cheesecloth to drain overnight.
5 Blanch your spinach in boiling, salted water for seconds
10 Place in the refrigerator for about minutes so the mixture slightly comes together. Then, take out and roll into tiny meatball s
In the meantime, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil and then reduce the
4 Careful attention here, please Ready? Out comes the cold Gnudi. In goes the extra flour into a bowl. In
In the meantime, brown some (a lot) of butter, add the herbs and drizzle (if you don't know how, e-mail
Then, shave all your Parmesan on, as much as you like, take a bite, and close your eyes.


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