Autumn Equinox - Mabon Rite Recipe


  • You will need a dish on the altar containing a single sheaf of wheat or an ear of corn or some already hulled wheat wheat covered with a cloth. In a pinch whole wheat flour will work.
  • ~
  • Decorate altar and circle with ping cones, grains, acorns, red poppies, autumnal flower fruits and leaves. Use what you have in your area of the world. I have an abundance of wild herbs. I will take a long walk and pick those, wild ginger is wonderful for this!!!
  • ~
  • Say:
  • Now is the time of balance, when night and day face each other as equals.
  • Yet at this season the night is waxing and the light is waning; for nothing ever remains without change, in the tides of earth and sky.
  • Whatever rises must also set, and whatsoever sets must also rise.
  • In token of which, I will dance the dance of going and returning!
  • ~
  • Dance going slowly widdershins in an inward spiral until you are in the center of the circle.
  • ~
  • Sit in front of the dish and remove the cloth, and say:
  • Behold the mystery: in silence is the seed of wisdom gained.
  • ~
  • Meditate silently.
  • ~
  • Rise when the spirit fills you,
  • And go to the east candle, facing the west and say:
  • ~
  • Farewell, O sun, ever-returning light,
  • The hidden god who ever yet remains
  • He now departs to the land of youth
  • Through the gates of death
  • To dwell enthroned, the judge of gods and men,
  • The horned leader of the hosts of air.
  • Yet, as He stands unseen without the circle
  • So dwelleth He within the secret seed
  • The seed of new-reaped grain, the seed of flesh;
  • Hidden in the earth, the marvelous seed of the stars.
  • In Him is life, and life is the light of man,
  • That which was never born, and never dies.
  • Therefore the wise ones weep not, but rejoice.
  • ~
  • Raise hands high in blessing.
  • ~
  • Return to the center of the circle and dance slowy doesil in an outward spiral.
  • ~
  • Replace dish on the altar.
  • Saying: Mother Goddess, Blessed Be or what ever is your ending to a rite. So Mote It Be did not seem to fit this one for me
  • ~
  • If you have used actual wheat flour and are in an area that you will not need to clean up after yourself, while dancing the spiral you may gently toss or sprinkle the wheat flour around and about . If you have to clean up I would not recommend it as I hate to clean!!!!! Out doors yes, indoors no.


This Is Just A Short To The Point Rite To Kick In When All Else Is A Mess In Our Lives. Not One Of My Big Drawn Out Ones!!! I Will Try And Remember All Of My Grandmothers Rites As I Go. Remember I Have Been Taking Beatings In My Head For A Decade Now T

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