Barbecue Cornish Hens


This is simply amazing!! Whenever you get that craving for some good BBQ what do you do?? Well if the weather's right you pull out that pit, get the lighter fluid blah blah blah blah blah. STOP!!! Why are you doing all of that when you have an oven that works rain or shine 24/7???? Don't underestimate your oven it can be your best friend! These cornish hens are no different the keys to making BBQ in the oven is low and slow. Never had a conish hen or don't like them try it this way. Not only are they flavorful but also cute for a romantic dinner. They are small and everyone can get their own. The best thing you can do when serving someone dinner is make something just for them. They'll feel so special!!

2 cornish hens
1 TBSP-salt
1 TBSP-pepper
1 TBSP-garlic powder
1 to 2 TBSP-olive oil or vegetable oil
The seasonings and oil can be adjusted to you taste.
1/2 a bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce.



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