Apple Custard Pie with Streusel Topping



Somewhere, in some kitchen, someonewith unused custard they didn't want to waste, decided that sugar,apples and cinnamon buried in a crust - called a coffin in merry oldEngland - made too plain a dessert for a forward looking nation. So,they took the custard and poured it over the apples only to discoverthey had created another problem. The crust used to cover the applesmade no sense with a custard filling. Fortunately, American ingenuitysurfaced and deduced that a crumbly streusel with a gazillion calorieswould be a perfect topper for the pie. That's my take on how applecustard pie with streusel topping came to be. I hope you'll take itwith a grain of salt.

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A Custard Pie Calls For A Streusel Topping, Instead Of A Traditional Crust. This Apple Custard Pie Uses Cream Cheese To Give The Dessert A Rich Texture That's Similar To Cheesecake.

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